About Us

STORY of HANDMADE ButcherBlock Tops

As LovendoHome, we were always fascinated by the idea of renovating. We have been happily doing it for years now. Using that experience, we are launching new products for DIY community beginning with wood top. They are especially created for fellow woodworkers, home decor enthusiasts, interior and kitchen designers, and for commercial, office and restaurant owners. A lot of work goes into ensuring that our models achieve consistent levels of quality. DIY customers also find our wood tops the perfect solution for a restored, metal, stainless / repurposed table base or for wooden countertop.

We & Our customers would like to hear your thoughts, and see how you make use of our product and be inspired for our future diy projects. Let us hear your story when you are finished with your project!

Please be advised that  Our products are %100 wood with lovely mat finish. 

Enjoy :)